The Prince is Braided

Hello Beautiful People,

I'd like to introduce you to a 3 year prince who was brave enough to sit for a couple hours to get his hair braided.  He asked his mom if I was going to braid his hair after giving him a jar of Moisturize Me from the NaturalsByShauntay line for his birthday.  He was rubbing it in his hair after he opened his presents.  I smiled then and am smiling now, because not many children ask to sit for a couple hours to get their hair braided.  This prince was such a big boy throughout the process.
Mom started by washing his hair before arriving which left it this beautiful curly afro.  He has the most amazing curls with a natural light brown on the ends.  I couldn't wait to see Moisturize Me in full effect in his mane.

To style:
  • I started with wetting his hair with my refresher mix.
  • Then, parted desired sections, and applied a dime amount or smaller of Moisturize Me.
  • Lastly, I cornrowed crisscrossing the braids and twisting the ends.  I wanted to do more design but he's 3!!
To ensure he behaved, I promised him a donut after purchasing 2!  I know, shame on me but I only ended up eating half when his sister came.  They devoured the rest, and I said thank you God for saving me those extra calories!!

Have you tried Moisturize Me for your protective styles?  Stay tuned.....Shauntay


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