Curls on Curls

Happy Sunday,

It's my pleasure to bring you this twist-out of Curls on Curls.  Well, except that one spot in the back that's always unruly.  My hair was in these Felicia twists for over 3 days; don't judge me, lol.  I had no idea how my curls were going to come out but the results were astronomical.  Want to know what products was used, then here we go... 
Curls Crème Brule and Gel along with Naturals By Shauntay Grow Me (Oil) was used on my 2 strand twists.  Once the twists were done, I massaged the oil into my scalp, and used the same oil again to take down the twists.  Using oil for the take down cuts down on the frizz.  Who wants to take the time to twist their hair just to mess the style up during the takedown?
Until next time curlies......Shauntay


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