Braid Pattern for Crocheted Style

Peace & Blessings,

When God opens a door, you walk through it right?!  I know I'm not the only one who thinks likes this.  Thank God my aunt taught us girls how to braid!  Don't get me wrong, I'm no super braider, but I do try to give the client my best rendition of their desire.  I love a new opportunity.
So, when my friend asked if I could do a braid pattern for her crochet install, my response was sure send me a picture.

To prep:
  1. She had already washed, and applied Moisturize Me before blow drying, but her hair wasn't as moisturized as I wanted so I started by parting 2 sections.
  2. Then spritzed each section with a refresher mix, and applied a dime size of Moisturize Me oiling her parts with Grow Me Oil.
  3. I finger detangled, brushed, and braided.  I cornrowed the front and connected the ends with a twist.  For the back, I connected the end of the last top cornrow to the start of the beehive (circular position) in the back.
  4. I carefully used a weaving needle & thread to secure the ends of the braids also reinforcing the top connecting twists.
Once her install was complete, I came over to take some pictures for you guys.  I ended up cutting it even after I took the pictures, but overall she did a great job!!  She has officially inspired me to do a protective style!! 

Stay tuned...... Shauntay


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