Moisturize Me Works on All Hair Types

Greeting & Blessings Everyone,

I hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend.  I love to stay in the positive and keep smiles on everyone's face, but we don't always have control over that.  However, I will always try to bring a smile to one's face when it comes to hair!  That's exactly what transpired with this young man.
Young L's (my nickname for him) grandmother brought him to me because his hair is always dry.  She asked me to work my magic, lol.  The only thing he asked once he sat in the chair was, "Don't make me look like a girl!"  I'd never, was my response, you're a boy I continued!! 

To style:
  1. I made small/medium sections, and sprayed with a DIY mixture containing The Mane Choice 3in1, distilled water, aloe vera juice, peppermint, and tea tree oil.
  2. After finger detangling, I massaged in some Moisturize Me, and finished with gliding my detangler brush.
  3. Enjoy his SMILES!
I was worried he'd cry or be upset I was in his hair, but this young man took the clips and used his imagination.  Through the whole process I encouraged him to love his hair, even though the people around him don't have the same hair type as he.  When a child wants to cut their hair because they don't love or want it anymore, then it's time to help them fall in love with it again.  To Shop Moisturize Me & other products.

Stay tuned.....Shauntay


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