How to Expand Your Brand and Braid!!

Hello My Curlies,
Would you like to expand your brand, and make more money in the process?  How about getting your name & products to the public?  Many don’t know where to start, but someone told me to check out the local barber academy since I knew how to braid, so I did.  I didn’t know what I was walking in to, but this turned out to be a great opportunity.  In this life, I’ve have learned to keep doing what brings you joy, and everything else will fall into place on God’s time.  Doors will open…. if trust & believe.

My original plan was to donate some products to the stylists.  Then, I was asked to do a braiding demonstration.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity and for the model of the day.  You guys know Moisturize Me was used to style this mane, and Grow Me Oil was applied to his parts once his hair was braided.
Every since Naturals started almost 3 years ago, I would offer to do someone’s hair.  Not only does this show the person how to do their hair, but it also shows them how well the products will work in their hair.  This particular man is of African & Mexican descent; he has coarse but medium/high porosity hair.
To Style,
  • I started with spraying his hair with a conditioner mix and detangled using my Felicia Leatherwood brush.
  • I then applied some Moisturize Me and styled.
  • After completing 3 braids, I braided them together and then made a male bun.
  • Lastly, applying a little Grow Me Oil to the scalp.
He kept the braids in for 5 days and said that they were still neat.  Thank you young man, and thanks to the barber academy for hosting Naturals By Shauntay.
To shop products, Shop Naturals By Shauntay   Stay tuned…..Shauntay


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