Braids, Twists & Cinnamon Buns

Hello my Go Getters,
I hope your weekend was eventful and you didn’t have to worry about work or Bill.  Now, that man will never leave you!! : )-  As I sit down to write this blog, I’m thinking about all of the other things I must do also. Sometimes, I feel like a woman’s work is never done and I’m really just a robot!  It’s one of the main reasons why I stop to “smell the roses” by enjoying each and every day of my life.  None of us are promised tomorrow.
Lo siento, I veered into philosophy and we are supposed to be talking about hair!  Due to our busy schedules, a protective style will always come in handy.  It gives me a break to put my hands into other things instead of just my head.  As you may be aware or have noticed, I’m a huge fan of updo’s so on blown out hair, no additional products added:
  • The front was already two strand twisted from the Blue Bombshell Post
  • Then, I made two large cornrows in the back and pin curled the ends to look like a cinnamon bun.  Not bad!  (Note: my hair was damp from a workout so that helped with the braiding).
  • Lastly, I separated the twists, picked the roots a little, and pinned to my liking.
Even though this style was done on old hair, it came out like fuego (fire)!!  I was in love, and so was my neighbor when she saw my hair and asked me to do hers.  Her only request was to have her hair off her face so I tried a few different things to see what would work in her head.  I wish there was more time to let the twists dry so they would be fuller but all in all she loved her hair.  Especially the flat twists so next time I’ll do her whole head with them.
I had a hair filled couple of days, and will share the details if all the pictures come in.  Stay tuned curlies…..Shauntay


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