My Wash & Go is Finally a Go!

Greetings My Curlies,
As a woman on the go, we always need a quick go to style and many do wash & go’s!!  However, if you’ve been following my hair journey you know my wash & go has never looked and stayed like this!  I haven’t “officially” washed my hair yet, don’t judge me, lol.  No lie, I’ve been refreshing this wash & go using different products but the same method.  Ironically I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my hair even though it’s the laziest style ever!!
To style:
    • I parted the front crown and made a braid to protect my edges.
    • Sometimes, I let her get fully wet in the shower then put in some leave in conditioner.  I’m using the Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in to finish up the bottle.  I don’t use a lot this because it tends to dry more than hydrate if I use too much.
    • A couple of times I used some Kinky Curly Curling Custard too.
    • Other times I put some Moisturize Me in it, and picked or gently pulled to stretch.
    • I used an elastic headband to make the puff high, and always try to finish with a hair accessory if I have one to match.
My friend saw me and said, you’re wearing a wash & go!!  Yes, I can’t believe it either was my response.  It just shows me that with patience and care, curly hair grows!!  I’m even seeing her confidence & hair growing.  That’s what Naturals By Shauntay is about!!  Stay curly mis amigos……Shauntay


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