Blue Bombshell

Greetings my Kings & Queens,
I’ve been celebrating and rejoicing my years on this Earth all week because frankly tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, especially in America having brown skin.  Instead of dinner, we decided to make round 2 a girls night out and head to a lounge.  However, I had to tame this mane! My perm rod set was no match for the 100 degree weather.
After my curls fell, I freestyled that section with a stylish, pompadour twist so I could workout.  I had to be very careful not to get my hair wet during my aqua class though.  I try to keep her in a protective style during the week and release her on Sunday’s, but this protective style was everything!
Once I started to re-twist my hair, I started to notice the resemblance to the Marley hair when it’s blown out.  It’s not as full, but with patience and dedication it’ll get there.  I didn’t have to do much to it.  I separated small/medium sections (no specific size or part), applied Moisturize Me, brushed with detangler brush, twisted, then pinned those twists to my desire.
The hair was done, and it was now time to find something to wear.  I’d been itching to wear this blue beauty I purchased from Natural Girls Rock.  Once I saw it on this queen, I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe.  Since I don’t wear heels, I dressed it down so I decided to throw on some sneakers.  Sadly, I forgot about my sneakers that has royal blue in them but too late.
Even though my king didn’t find me that night, I was still a blue bombshell.  Yes, your girl was feeling herself.  Until next time curlies…..Shauntay


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