Wearing Bantu Knots at HBCU’s

Peace & Blessings everyone,

The beginning of this month was filled with college visits for study abroad fairs & information sessions.  I was so grateful I got my first chance to visit Morehouse in Ga, and Hampton University in Va.  Being on the campus of an HBCU is always so awesome for me, and this trip was no different.  I met some awesome individuals with even more incredible stories.   I didn’t get the opportunity to study at one but if I can help a student study abroad, and help them make their dreams come true then I’m content with just visiting, for now.
Of course we chose to be out in the sun thinking about it’s direction of travel thinking we’d get some shade, but that didn’t happen.  Yes, we roasted but I was ok with that because my energy comes from the sun & I always welcome vitamin D.  However, I did resort to finding shade here and there.  It was great talking with the students beside the Director of Study Abroad to Africa (SATA), Dr. Deborah Sanders.  We were at Morehouse for 2 days.
I co washed and did my hair that Wednesday putting my whole head in bantu knots using my Grow Me Oil then The Mane Choice Orchid Gel before leaving, which meant my hair was in bantu knots for 4 days and on the 5th day, I let her loose.  Normally, I use my Moisturize Me for my knots but I wanted to try something different.  Then I forgot my pick, headbands, and bobby pins so I had no other choice but to wear it how it fell.
I even awoke with a sore throat on the day of travel, I took some cold medicine before I boarded the plane, prayed and gave it God.  We both knew that I was going to be too busy to be sick.  I wasn’t surprised that God gave me the strength to help throughout the time zone difference and fight whatever was trying to get me sick.  I felt amazing in this outfit and once I took this picture, it left me in awe at how my body is transforming.
Mom Sanders couldn’t believe it either; she hasn’t seen me in almost a year.  Who surprised her even more was Mr. Jean-Claude Toran, The Bicentennial Poet.  He blessed us with poetry and music with his Australian instrument made by the Aboriginals, a walking legend.
It was then on to Day 2 with more of Morehouse’s distinguished gentlemen.  I’m telling you it was such a breath of fresh air seeing young men of African and other nationalities walk up to you, shake your hand, look you in the eye, and greet you with their whole name.  Whew!!  I’m telling you I encouraged & congratulated every young man I came in contact with on their journey and advised them to keep inspiring!!
After day one, I picked up some cough medicine to sleep and some headbands for my mane.  Walgreens got me that day because I wasn’t familiar with the area which left me with no choice but to pay $8 for some headbands; it’ll probably help me to never forget them again.  I was NOT going to be a sucker and buy a pick too, nope I used my hands.  To maintain my next day hair, I sprayed it a little with a mixture of spring water & Aloe Vera juice mix, and massaged a little Moisturize Me on the edges and throughout and pulled to my liking.
Ironically, I like 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day hair better anyway.  She seemed to know we had to slay so she came to play.  Everything worked together for the good because of the love I have for God.  We stayed at an AirBnB  which was a another first for me, 2 bedroom & 2 1/2 bathroom townhouse.  Leaving that home hurt the both of us because it was so cozy and we had everything we needed, a home away from home.
Mom Sanders is a blessing to so many young people around the world through studying abroad.  When you participate in the Study Abroad to Africa program you become family and we share & bask in each other’s experience.  Boy, do each and every once of us have a story to tell!!
Step out and study abroad, it’ll change your life.  Stay tuned…..Shauntay


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