Out of Necessity Came Love

Peace & Blessings Everyone,
A couple of days ago I celebrated my 37 years of this life in a new city with new people.  I have never been more content in my geographical location!  The weather is always nice and some of the people are too.  Being able to adapt to any situation in life is one of the best things anyone can learn in life, in my opinion.
I wasn’t always this happy and content with my hair, especially about 3 years ago when I let my hair return to its natural state.  Out of necessity, I had to start making products for my hair because I didn’t have the funds to purchase a product that may or may not work for me.  Hence, Naturals By Shauntay was researched and developed and is now available for purchase.  Look at God!  It was rough in the beginning because I was a new startup and people were hesitant.  No one knew me, my products, or how it worked so I had to be my best candidate.
It is only now that I’m seeing the fruits of my labor.  I always found it so ironic how the products were made for me, but others seem to love it too.  This is one of the reasons why I attach Me to every product in the Naturals By Shauntay line; it was specifically made for my hair but since I’m sharing, I want every to feel as special as I.  I’m a firm believer that whatever’s for you is for you, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.  If it’s yours you will receive it.
I had to make a bonus video for you guys, showing you just how I achieved these beautiful curls.  I didn’t video the braiding because that was freestyled.  Lo siento.  All of this was in preparation for my degree day.  Who am I kidding?  My hair sets my mood and if she’s good then I’m good.  From the time I walked out my front door, I was complimented on my red dress.  That set the mood for the night of compliments.
To see how I achieved this look, here’s a bonus video: 
I had a red manicure & pedicure along with some red lips, and my red ring.  I can’t lie, that red on my melanin skin looked and felt amazing.
Unfortunately, my hair didn’t hold up too well against the 105 degree weather, but it was still a fun night all the same with a life size Jenga game & free cotton candy shots.  I think that’s what they were.  Delicious!
Until next time curlies…..Shauntay
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