My First Feature - Motivate Your Monday

Hello guys & gals,

I'm pleased to share with you my very first feature!  In August 2015, I presented my 60lb natural weight loss journey in a workout group on fb.  And, low and behold someone saw it and asked me if I'd share my story on her fitness blog.  Of course I obliged!
She did such an awesome job, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.  Dare to inspire and motivate! For more visit,…/2016/04/swesh-formation-shantay.html
Here are some of the picture collages from the piece.
 I told you, I love to swim.
I've been overweight throughout my teenage years into my adult life, but still fly! : )  I was also relaxing my hair back then.  I knew I loved to change my hair and these pics prove it.  Creating these collages took me down memory lane thru hair, fashion, and everything.
My weight loss journey started in June of 2006, and next month will make 10 years of choosing to take care of Shauntay.  So much has transpired throughout those years but most of all, I found myself.
 My weight continued to fluctuate for the next 3 years, but I never gave up working out.  God was preparing me for greater.  And little did I know, I was getting my back surgery early 2015.  I believe if I didn't push myself, and work those muscles that haven't been utilized I'd been in a worse place after the surgery.  I worked my arms, core, and legs along with cardio in different exercises because they were going to be needed during the healing process.
 2015 was definitely started a major transformation in my life, and 2016 is a start of a new chapter in my journey.  I sometimes sit back and say, how did I get here?  God reminds me that he's giving me everything I've asked for and worked towards.
So, don't ever give up on your dreams and goals.  No matter how long it takes or the storms you have to go thru to get there.  It's all to grow you to be great; remember faith without works is dead.  Until next time.....Shauntay


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