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Hola mis amigos,

These past few months have been really busy.  I've posted pictures through other social media outlets but nothing beats my blog.  This is where I can really break down a subject and write how much I want.
Before I got there, I had to take some selfies in the airport bathroom full-length mirror!  I love those mirrors.  Matter of fact, I'm on the hunt to find one for my bedroom.
As many of you are aware, I promote Study Abroad to Africa and recently had the pleasure of participating in the study abroad fair at Norfolk State University, an HBCU in Virginia.
Promoting this program is always an honor, not just because I'm still recovering from my surgery, yet strong enough to travel, also because I believe in the program & get to meet some amazing individuals along the way.  When one studies abroad, you find yourself because you're in a different country and will encounter instances that will undoubtedly make you stronger if you let them.  The students were also able see a familiar face from last year.  I even met a great group of young black entrepreneurs that I recently featured here called 'The Arts.'

I'm telling you if you're in college, live on campus, and want to study abroad then now is the time!  Did you know that your Pell grant (if applies) can help pay for the program?  Don't wait until you're a senior, you can take classes equivalent to the classes you'd take at your home school; you'll just be in another country soaking up other cultures.  Will you join me in being a study abroad alumni?  Visit for more details.

For my hair:  On freshly washed hair, I applied some Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In, Moisturize Me, Grow Me (Oil), Kinky Curly Custard, and two strand twisted about 8 medium twists - pinning the ends.  I traveled with my hair under my head wrap and took the twists out the morning of the event.  I love it when my hair cooperates, especially on special occasions!

Until next time.....Shauntay
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