Switching Time Zones

Hello World,

"It's a small world."  Throughout life I'd hear that saying but never really applied it to my life, until recently.  For 7 years, I'd been looking to live in a different time zone; low and behold the opportunity presented itself and I took advantage of it.  Switching time zones is a big thing, but this is when I took my "small world" analogy and applied it to my life.  If I look at the world as small, I won't allow fear to hinder me from traveling across the country or the whole for that matter.  I told you if I wasn't blogging I was working on something big.
After everything was packed up and on the moving truck, it was time to paint the two chocolate walls back to white.  Boy was I not up for that challenge, I'm still healing from my surgery, probably why I'm still hurting too but someone had to do it.  Not to go too much into detail, but one of the people I hired to paint decided to expose himself (private parts) to me, twice; I just met this man!  Women, please be careful, and safe because there are some crazy, sick individuals out there, and men please school these little boys on how to be men! What did I do?  I got ugly with him, kicked him out, and discontinued all contact with that psycho.  He didn't want any parts of this Queen, she knows how to protect herself at all costs.  So yeah, I ended up painting, not a bad job.

Don't be afraid to step out on faith, follow your dreams, and live your life for you!  No one has to agree but God because once I started preparing for this move, doors started opening and I walked right thru.  Was it a walk in the park?  Absolutely not, but I stayed on top of everyone and everything and I'm now sleeping in my bed every night, and cooking in my own kitchen again.  Life is good and soon I'll be mixing again!
Leaving familiar people and things can be hard, but when you want something bad enough, nothing can or will stand between you and that goal.

Until next time.....Shauntay
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