Always Look Up

Hola mundo,
Today, officially marks my 5th month since my back surgery, wow!  My plan is to get stronger and stronger each day.  There's no doubt in my mind that this has been my hardest trial in life so far, but it's building my testimony.  I can't even be mad because I am at peace with so many things in my life.  Now, I'm always looking up because God is great!
Since I've had my surgery I've met so many others who've been thru the same thing and want to hear how I'm living post surgery, so I'm sharing some pictures of how I stretch.  I do 3 sets of 10's on each side:
  • Pulling my knee to my chest while the opposite leg is stretched out. I sometimes lift the stretched out leg to strengthen my core also.
  • I stretch my leg straight up, hold it for 7-10 seconds, lower it and repeat.
  • To work my inner thighs, I lay on my side, and lift the leg I'm working on. 
Note:  I'm conscious of holding my stomach in while doing these exercise and during regular walking.  Strengthen that core!!
I should stretch everyday because it'll make my day go easier, there's no excuse but I don't; I walk or get some form of exercise in everyday but I still should do my stretches too.  Some stretches are more uncomfortable than others, but I work through them because they're getting me stronger and better.  In a perfect world I'd have a partner, because my physical therapist would push me past my limits and I'd feel great afterwards! 
Stop by tomorrow for a surprise post.   Until next time.....Shauntay
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