Getting Ready To Go Home

Peace & Blessings Everyone,

Being in a sub-acute rehab facility for 2 weeks, I received physical therapy (pt) along with occupational therapy (ot).  Both were established to help prepare me to fend for myself if need be when I got home.  I know God sent me here because it was so much drama and politics to get here, I'm so grateful I ended up because I got the support that I needed to prepare me for home.
In this particular exercise (March 26th), my job was to dry the dishes and put them away.  Quiet as kept, that's one thing I don't like to do or even do for that matter.  I'll wash, stack, and leave them to dry.  But, when in Rome....

As I put the dishes away, my standing endurance was also being tested so I'd know if I was strong enough to cook a meal.  To this day, I haven't cooked a meal yet.  Thank God people have been making large dishes for me because I have no interest in cooking a meal after cleaning.  You angels have no idea how much you helped, it means the world to me.  You're heaven sent.   
To make sure all this is possible, my legs need to be strong too, and to do that I continued with my leg exercises.  I was on my way home and feeling good about my progress.
I felt even better for Naturals because she was the talk of the rehab. : O  I'm so grateful &b love sharing my hair experiences with others.  I ended up preparing samples of Moisturize Me, Butter Me, and Grow Me (Oil) along with some conditioner mixes and talked hair management.  As you can see, I couldn't keep my eyes open but I asked myself, if not me then who?  If not now then when?  Myself answered, you'll sleep when you're done.  : )  When you have a baby (my business), you have to take care of every detail yourself in the beginning stages.  Hence, I'm team no sleep at times, and push myself to limits.

Never stop pushing towards your goals guys.  Until next time.....Shauntay
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