Let Her Be Free Sometimes - Hot Suga

Hello World,
I hope you're having an extraordinary day! For me, it's a good one and I'll be making the best of this great hair day. Just before walking out the door, I decided to let her down. I kept the twists in to keep her tamed, and placed on a headband. Tonight, she'll be going back up because I won't be able to do it for a while. I have so much to share with you, but I'm stuck to using my cellphone & Ipad which limits my blogging abilities. I know I've been missing in action, but the next few posts will explain.  I wanted to get out of the woods before I shared my most recent test of my life.
I love this Marley hair because it gives me so much versatility.  When I speak of versatility, I'm talking about being able to twist and braid my hair rather than straightening.  My hair is no where close to this length, so I love trying so many styles with it.
Until next time......Shauntay
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