Feature ~ Crochet Marley Updos

Peace & Blessings Everyone,
This post is dedicated to you on your special day, Happy Birthday.  I hope your day is filled with love and joy.  Now, lets talk hair!  : )

How ironic is it that I did my aunt’s hair before I did mine?  It was good practice though because doing her hair made it easier for me to do mine.  She wanted to give her hair a break, and saw my hair in this Crochet Braid Updo and wanted to try it; we did her whole head instead of 4 rows though.  It turned out to be entirely too much hair for her, so we tamed it with pin curls.  This is a very easy style to maintain.
One thing I learned when I did her hair was to prepare the hair by brushing, applying some Moisturize Me, rodding then pre-dipping the hair into hot water before installing.  It really cut down on the installation time, and is less dangerous when you’re doing your hair yourself.  Once the curls were gone, I wore large two strand twists pinned up for a couple days.  I then separated the twists once more to make them smaller.  I twisted them around each other securing them using a scrunchy, small rubber bands, and 4 hair pins until I liked the style.  4 pins!! Really?!  
Next, I’m going to try a bun since I have all this hair.  I’m so excited!!  Don’t worry, I’ll share.  Until next time……Shauntay
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