My Rock Star

Todos Bien,

Dressed for Success - SHARP
This post is dedicated to my little big brother, my rock star.  I'm so proud of this man, because in spite of the obstacles he had to overcome at an early age, he takes it all in stride.  We lost our dad 11 years ago, and now his mom.  I write this with a heavy heart for his losses, but smile because I know he'll be okay.  No one ever gets over the passing of someone they love, we just learn to live with it.  It's apart of life.
How do I know he'll be fine?  Because God has given him a great support system.  Not only does he have family, he has high school and college family that loves him and cares about his future.  In particular, his college friends came deep to support one of their own.  The Dean read the obituary, now that's love!

School Support
His Rocks
Not only does this man excel in academics, he is also the Resident Assistant at his college, and the treasurer.  Being an Accounting major and all, I think he may love numbers as much as I, and he's only 2 years away from receiving his Masters.  Now, that's what I'm talking about!  I think he should run for student body president being that he dresses for the part already; my man was fly (as his mom would say).  I'm so glad they chose to wear pink in her honor, and crushing that 'men can't/don't wear pink' stereotype at the same time.  : )  Seriously, he's cool, calm, and intelligent and would be great for the job in my opinion.  I'm bias though!
On top of all of that, he started his own basketball training league; a real role model for his younger cousins and other young men.  This young man inspires me to work harder in spite of being the elder sister.  He continues to show me that you may get knocked down but you're not knocked out, and to keep pushing towards your goals when life happens.  For overcoming the stereotypes and so much more, he's my Rockstar!!!  We love you to life and know your mom would be so proud.

Until next time.....Shauntay


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