A Life Changing Experience

Sunday, Dr. Sanders (Director of The Study Abroad to Africa) & I had brunch with a group of influential women, The Continentals.   They mentor 4 students and also give them scholarships.  This group of women are awesome!  I was very impressed to see an organization that keeps a relationship with the scholarship recipients.  Being a recipient myself, you're grateful that you're chosen, but having a support system that expect your grades every semester keeps you on your toes. 
I'm so honored to promote this great program, and expose others to different cultures.  Africa is a huge, beautiful continent with so many amazing countries.  Sadly, it's viewed very different and negative at times, but I want to help give people the opportunity to see it for themselves.
My wish is to visit each and every country but that's not realistic; Africa is huge.  It's said that you can fit 3 of the United States in it.  God willing, I'll be able to expose a group of student and advisors to the arts and civilization in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  This is going to be an amazing and life changing experience for everyone going!!  I'll post more information in the near future.  For more information on the program, click link:  http://www.studyabroadtoafrica.org/ 
I took a relaxing train ride down the coast to the event, and wore my hair pinned curled.  I knew it was going to be on the hot side so I didn't want my hair to contribute to the heat.  I've always thought my head is on the large size (team big heads), and used my hair cover it pero no mas!  I was hesitant when I first did this style because of that, and my hair looked short but this is a cool, easy to maintain, protective style. 
To create this style, I used:
  • My AVJ/Oil (Aloe Vera Juice, Castor oil, Coconut oil) mix to rewet my mane
  • Massaged Grow Me (Oil) into each section & my scalp from root to end
  • Applied Moisturize Me (Shea) 
  • Aloe Vera gel and twisted
  • I then pin curled each section and finished with mi flor
At night, I put a little Grow Me (Oil) into my scalp and tie it down.  Ironically, I'm falling in love with this hairstyle and others love it too.  It's funny how ones insecurities can be the same thing others love about you; that another post in itself for the future.  Until next time....
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