How to Create Wild Out Twists!!

Peace & Blessings everyone,
Recently, I was blessed to do a braiding demonstration at a barber academy.  That post is coming next.  My motto is, no one can ever know too much!!  There’s always room for growth and to expand your brand.  Now, I knew I was going to be recorded so I had to come big with my hair.

The original plan was to wear an afro on this old stretched out hair (3 weeks old, don’t judge me, lol); it needs to be washed.  However, when I took these twists out I fell in love.  The definition was amazing, and too cute to mess with.  I said I wanted to go big and this is probably her biggest!!
To Style:
  • I parted a small section across my crown and braided, resembling a braided headband.  I think I nailed it.  What do you think?
  • I then sprayed about 6 or 7 large twists with distilled water and twisted.  My hair still has Moisturize Me and Crème of Nature Leave-In conditioner in it so no more product was needed.
  • In the morning, I untwisted the sections, lifted my roots, separated a few twists to my liking.
I wore my wild out twists like a crown!  Stay tuned….Shauntay

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