Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair

The products used to set this style was (in this order):
  • As I Am Leave-In conditioner
  • Lottabody (diluted with water) to set
  • Grow Me (Oil)
Moisturize Me
  • Hola mis amigos,
    Recently, I tried a perm rod set on freshly washed hair.  I started by twisting my hair in sections and rolling.  I let them air dry and took it out the next day.  As you can tell by my face, I wasn’t pleased.  My ends were super straight so I started pinning.

  • It’s funny to me how self conscious I was in the past about doing pin ups, but now if a style isn’t to my liking then I’ll pin in a minute.  I’m patiently waiting for more growth so I can really do some pin ups; they’re so elegant to me.
Perm Rod Set
In spite of the failure, you know I tried it again right?!  If at first you don’t succeed, try again.  What can I say, I’m so competitive (even with myself).  : )
I was happier with this rod set though.  In the 2nd rod set, you’ll notice the thickness of the roots on the rods.  This made me realize that my hair is getting thicker.  Could it be my Grow Me (Oil)?  Time will tell.  Because the hair didn’t lay flat on the rods, I thought my hair was going to be puffy, but it was fine.
Note: I don’t know if I’ll use Lottabody again because my scalp started peeling really bad after the 1st rod set, so I skipped it the 2nd time.  I haven’t used any type of setting lotion since I’ve returned to being natural so maybe I should stick to what works for me for styling and that’s Moisturize Me.  We will see but you’ll never know unless you try.  Until next time….Shauntay

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