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Twists & Twirls

Recently, I celebrated my 35th birthday, and I feel amazing!  I'm 34 lbs lighter and this skirt is absolutely beautiful.  I've always been a fan of long skirts but this one takes the cake; I just wanted to twirl all day.
For my hair, I used:
  • My AVJ/Oil Mix to rewet my hair (on an old twist-out)
  • Grow Me (Oil)
  • Moisturize Me (Shea)
  • Metal Clips
I am in love with my hair and natural products.  My Grow Me (Oil) has castor oil in it so I'm still massaging oil into my scalp and roots for thickness & growth; my scalp has never been better.  In the past, I used Head & Shoulders to clean my scalp before I started using Apple Cider Vinegar & water, but no mas.  She's definitely thanking me for taking better care of her because she's shining, bouncing, and so soft!!  Are you still up for the 30 day challenge?  Your hair will thank you for it.
This week, I began my 5th month of Accutane, and I'm hoping that it's my last month because my appetite is horrible.  I don't want to eat anything, and I love to eat.  My dermatologist also increased my dosage to 120mg a day.  God help me!!  However, I'm still on a 40mg pill, but I take it 3 times a day instead of 2.  Thankfully, this is the only side effect, and my blood work is still within normal ranges so I can't complain that much.  What women doesn't want to shed a few?  : )
No matter the obstacles and they'll be many in life know thy self, love thy self, and be thy self.  Until next time.....

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