5th Month Accutane Update

5th Month Accutane 7/8/14
Hello again.  It's been a while since we've connected, but I wanted to give you an update on my Accutane use.  My face is sooo much better.  I may get a bump here or there but it's definitely not like before.  Overall, Accutane has given me my face back, and I can't be happier.
I'm in my 5th and hopefully my last month.  At the last visit, my dermatologist increased my daily dosage to 120mg a day; that's 3 pills a day.  Because there are so many packs, I wrote on them to keep track of what I took for the day.  The pills must be taken with a meal, preferably a fatty one.  However, I'm suffering from a lack of appetite; I don't want to eat.
When I originally decided to go on this medication, my doctor told me that I should be on it for about 5 months.  At my next visit. I hope he says we are finito!
Ironically, this picture was also taken when I trimmed 1/4 inch off my hair.  It needed to be trimmed because it'd been a while since the last one.  I don't trim as often as I did when my hair was being relaxed, or even now for that matter because I only wear my hair in curly girl styles.  When I decide to straighten my hair, then I'll let my aunt trim it even for me.  Right now, I'm content with keeping my ends trimmed, moisturized, and healthy.  Until next time....



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