4th Month Accutane Update using Butter Me

Vivir Bien,
I just started my 4th month of #Accutane.  I tried to document each month so I can keep track of my progress.  One side of my face is always worse than the other for me.  If you have never dealt with acne, you’ll never understand the struggle.  My face is so clear now; I can’t believe it.  Grateful is the first word that comes to mind.
At this visit, my dermatologist increased the dosage from 60mg to 80mg; I’ll probably stay at this dosage until I’m off it.  He also gave me a shot of Cortisone directly into each cystic acne bumps that were left on my face; they both hurt like heck.  However, I didn’t know that it’d work that quick.  I finally have my face back, and praying it stays like this.

On another note, this is day 3 for my box twists and I only sealed my ends this morning.  Other than that, I’ve put nothing on it.  They have bounce, shine, and are moisturized along with my scalp.  I’m amazed at the transformation of my dry, flaky, itchy scalp.  Thanks Moisturize MeUntil next time…..Shauntay


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