2 Strand Single Box Twist - Pin Up

Hola Mundo,
As promised, here is my pin up on 3 day old twists.  I was pleased but know I can do it better next time.  I saw Mahoganyknots do a pin up something like this, and had to try it. Wearing my hair in it's natural state is giving me so much freedom to try different styles.  I love it!!  I believe hair boosts confidence.  What do you think?
I'm way over due for a wash but I wanted to rock this style for a little bit.  Since my pre-poo and deep conditioning regimen, my scalp has given me a break.  I'm pushing 3 weeks when in the past, I'd have to wash by the 12th day or my scalp would be itching & on fire from itching.  I'll wash it soon, but first I want to take the twists out and see how those tresses look.  I wonder if it'll look like a bantu twist out.  We will see.

Twist Pin-up using Moisturize Me (Shea) & AVJ/oil mix

Sn: Did you get a chance to see Oprah's Legends Ball or her Master Class featuring Dr. Maya Angelou?  I still have the original VHS tape of the ball.  Yes, I enjoyed it that much, and always wished to be in the presence of all of those legends.  I'm blessed every time I see both of these shows.  As a woman, we must empower each other and show appreciation for each other while they are still here.  May you be in peace Dr. Maya Angelou & Mama B.  Until next time.....


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