Trust Your First Instinct

I made a mistake spraying my hair this morning because I could've fluffed it, and walked out the door.  It was still curly and shining but no, the perfectionist I am wanted to try a wash & go look.  The problem with that was I didn't have a enough time to do it how I wanted, so I ended up with a spray & go.   : O

Before using Moisturize Me, if I'd put on my bonnet and went to bed without twisting or prepping my hair, I'll have a rough morning styling this mane.  Ironically, I was completely surprised this morning that I didn't wake up to a dry, anger afro that needed liquid to revive itself.  She was fine but I changed the texture with wetting her.  In the bottom picture, you can see the wavy pattern and my natural pattern coming in from me wetting it.
Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way an expert at creating these amazing hairstyles I see everywhere, but I'm going to love trying them.
Until next time.....


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