Moisturize Me - On Wet/Dry Hair

Hola Mundo (Hello World),

I've received some reviews on the sample mixtures I gave out.  One used it on their body and said it made their skin feel smooth, soft, and moisturized.  Quiet as kept, I used one of my products on my hair and skin also.  A great two for one special.  I'm all about budgeting.  What can I say, I'm a business major!  : )

Another client washed their hair this morning and applied the product to their wet, detangled hair.  Her hair looks moisturized and shines even in the blown out picture.  I cut her split ends and put some curls in it for her using my mix as a heat protectant.  Since I'm not planning to straighten my hair any time soon, I  have to live vicariously through other people that straighten theirs. 

When she's ready I'll be trying to put her in that bun life!


Pin Curl to Maintain Style during Sleep

Moisturize Me used as a heat protectant

Blow Out using Moisturize Me
By the way, I'll be taking my flat twists out tomorrow and pictures will soon follow.  Until next time.....

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