Moisturize Me - Made by Shauntay

While I was working on my speech, I decided to mix.  I knew I had to wash my hair and was itching to use my own product.  My biggest problem is using too much product so making my own will save me a lot of money.  This is the beginning of a beautiful story.....
Those Curls Though!

I love my curls!!  A 4 day old twist-out shining like that!  It's funny how I always curled my hair when it was being relaxed.  In a week, I'd frequently touch up my curls using a curling iron.  My poor hair.  I'm sorry pumpkin, momma didn't know.  Yes, I talk to my hair at times.  We're friends, what can I say, she's my glory!!  The next post will be one of my protective styles.
Until next time......
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