Moisturize Me & Aloe Vera Gel On Ponytail


I decided to try a ponytail today since my hair has grown a little bit.  I tried to do one in the past but some areas just wouldn't lie down.  It wasn't a good look at all.  After watching some YouTube videos, I learned from a young woman to use a knee high because regular ponytail holders don't work and I didn't have a headband.  So, I cut one leg off an old pair of stockings, and it worked perfectly.  I then used some Moisturize Me & pure aloe Vera gel (AVG).
I know many use eco styler gel, but it just wasn't for me and I refuse to keep buying until I find the right one.  In my opinion, the AVG is better for me.  Don't worry, a Gel Me will be featured in the line for the times I wear a ponytail or need gel.  When you can't find the product your looking for in the market, then make it yourself is my motto.  We are intelligent people and if we put our mind to it, we can do ANYTHING!

It's so funny to me that my favorite color is blue but so many people I love favorite color is purple, and ironically it's designed to be in the label; we'll see.  I have a serious love for scarfs & sunglasses, and today I was able put them together and throw in a head wrap!!  I felt like royalty today.  Today was a good day for my hair and my skin.  In fact, my next post will be regarding my skin and its transition; God help me.  
Until next time......
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