Let Those Curls Go Free

I decided to let my curls go free today.  Last night my flat twists were 4 bulky uneven twists, but today they have transformed and the shine is still there.   Moisturize Me is doing her thing.  One of my favorite things about being natural is not worrying about my hair getting wet.  It rained today yet I had no worries because my tresses love agua (water).  I love to swim and not having to worry about my hair is FREEDOM!  I also have a love for Spanish as you've probably noticed already.  Lo siento.

Since I always forget to do a length check, this can serve as one.  I took Manetabolism by The Mane Choice for 2 months and saw the growth but forgot to photograph it.  Those pills are amazing by the way.  Not only does your hair & nails grow but it also gives you energy.  They hit the jackpot with those.  I digress, this blog will allow me to track my progress using products made my these hands.  Speaking of which, Wednesday will be a mix day for the samples.  I hope you guys love this product as much as I do.
I have received some feedback about purchasing online.  Right now, Naturals By Shauntay is not for sale yet.  She is still in her testing & development stages.  Until next time.....

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