Welcome One, Welcome All

Welcome to Naturals By Shauntay!
The blog is up, the cards are made, and I'm super excited!  Due to a prior engagement, I can't write the way I want, but I have to keep telling myself - patience Shauntay patience (type A personality).  I'm speaking at the 2014 College Consortium for International Studies on Thursday in Washington, D.C., so that speech takes up ALL of my time.  No worries though, because when I return, it's full speed ahead with Naturals by Shauntay!
This picture was taken in 10/2012, during my natural hair transitional stage.  I did a photo shoot for Brookdale Community College regarding my achievements as a student.
Currently, I'm going through some transitional stages in my life, and would love to take you with me.  Loving my life & my hair journey even more.  Until next time.....
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